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  "REALITY" and the

According to modern day quantum theory, there are eleven dimensions (mathematically).... 
  Now this would conform to the spiritual understanding of nine dimensions of "existence" (stay with me here). Of the eleven "mathematical" dimensions, the first two aren't actually present in the "illusion of separation", (there is no dimension lower than the one we are presently in, so, in effect, reincarnation is a step DOWN, devolution, if you will), hence, 11 minus two is: yup, 9....
  Being energy, the "difference" between dimensions is nothing more than the density of the energy. Let me give you an example; If I take an ice cube (water) and apply heat, you get ? Right ! WATER. And if I apply MORE heat, we get what ? Right ! WATER vapor. Has the material changed ? NO, it's still just water... the ONLY CHANGE has been the DENSITY OF THE WATER. Now apply this to ALL energy, and you can see how there could be dimensions beyond our current "scientific" understanding. One of the limitations of "science" is the fact that if you don't have the ability to measure something, it doesn't exist. WRONG. If you can't DETECT it, that doesn't mean it DOES NOT EXIST.
  So, moving on, there are no hard lines between states of matter. It is a progression. The same goes for the "dimensions". So there is a point between dimensions (at least between this dimension, and the next), where a soul can exist without actually being in the third OR fourth dimensions. This is the "between realms" (NOT "the VOID", that is what "exists" beyond the edge of our "universe", a place of NO sensory input, completely black, no sound, no up, no down,  NOTHING).
  It is in this space that those souls who do not realize they are dead, or those who have chosen NOT to return the "fourth " dimension (what people refer to as "heaven"), exist. They are often referred to as "lost souls". Many of these "entities" live off the energy of those in the third dimension that have "addictions". It doesn't matter if it is drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, you name it, that draws them to you just as you would be drawn to the smell of someone cooking next door. They "attach" themselves to you energetically, drawing off your energy to "feed" themselves. This becomes a vicious cycle, as they encourage the behavior in you that feeds them. The only way out of this downward spiral is to have a capable individual "remove" them and their attachment, and teach you how to energetically "protect" yourself.
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